1h30mn live music & performances
with the most powerful songs of the band

Special 2018 Tour fee 1000 €
+travel +accomodations for 6

C O N T A C T & B O O K I N G

Featuring the BAM (mechanical drummer), piano,
the ten church bells carillon, guitars, bass,
bagpipe, vocals, & video projections on giant screen.

"Never the music of Rosa Crvx will have been so strong, never its power will have reached so high summits. It is the result of a formation which, since its beginning, never disavowed its bases. A martial atmosphere of Dante: Rosa Crvx, through an impressive sounds brings us directly to the heart of the things. Irresistible, the sound of the band has something fascinating, a feeling of madness and power which arise from a direct experiment.

Obsessional, never brutal, Rosa Crvx explore the questions of life and death, of the anguishes and the human's fears. More than ever, the band faces the darkness at the edge of the abyss; their steps progress on an unknown way, a way which exists in the dark, and opens to the light when we understand that the solution can only be in the acceptance of mysteries. Martial rhytms, cold pianos, marching snare rolls, atmospheric guitars and sranges voices comming out from hell, all are the flag of our fears, and a ceaseless reference to the essential questions: the Why and its mysteries."

The whole concert is built around the "Danse de la Terre" performance.
In the middle of the audience is happening a sacrificial dance:
a series of mechanical and repetitive movements played in rhythm

Performers grabbing red clay powder, spreading it all over their bodies.
and scattering it into the air, long ropes hanging out from their mouth,
dangling down to the ground and whipping the air while moving.

C O N T A C T & B O O K I N G